Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The last flax standing

Okay – just one last post about the great flax collapse of winter 2008/09. After the snow and ice cleared, and I was able to drive around town again like a normal human, I happened by a pair of flax wrapped in insulation. It must have been a two person job, one person gathering up the leaves and holding them tight while the other took a roll of insulation (the kind with the silver foil backing) and wrapped it around like an insulation cinnamon roll. I could tell that at the center of the cinnamon roll was flax because there were a few leaves sticking out the top. The weather had warmed considerably when I saw them, so whatever covering they had over the top opening had been taken off, allowing the plant to breath. I made a mental note to drive by in a few months to see how the plants looked when the insulation came off.

Well - they look pretty darn unscathed don’t they (that's them up top)? If I hadn’t seen them prior I would have sworn they were planted this spring. Now I know. Maybe I could have saved my flax, all 17 of them (yes, it really is an addiction) if I had done this? Any maybe the Cordy’s too?


  1. 17? That sucks! I thought they were going to be hardy. Wish I would have done that this year, I just learned about the insulation trick this year. Are all 17 gone for good? Or will they grow back? I took out my ice storm damaged flax a few years ago, and then saw others recover, so now I'm waiting for a while before I do anything permanent.

  2. 17 - I know! Doesn't that just sound ridiculously decadent!? I didn't realize I had that many until I actually stopped to count. I think you are smart to wait. I am horribly impatient. It is not a good trait. I have only dug out 3, I am watching the others. The folks at Cistus said cut them back (so the crown doesn't rot) water good, fertilize, be patient and plant another right next to it. We'll see. I have cut them all back (as though they were a grass that needed a winter cut). My 2 'yellow wave' are starting to show some life, this is good. I think I will try to plant the ones I dig up in 'the jungle' (a fairly out of view area) and see if they show life.

    In a random 'how small is this world' moment I think I realized where you worked, prior to Monday. I don't want to out you online as you seem to protect your privacy (which is probably really smart) but this is a small town and I too know someone who still works there and talked of lay-offs on Monday. Sounds like a fun place with a lot of cool people. I am very excited to learn more about what you have cooking for your future!


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