Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hose storage

Here is one persons answer to the age old gardening question of how/where to store the hose. As a bonus they also avoid having to remove a dead/ill-placed shrub!
I hope they remembered to disconnect and drain the house before our mini-freeze hit.


  1. Clever! But the OCD in me wants it more neatly looped on those branches.

    I got my hoses inside our attached-but-unheated garden room but it was too cold to drain them, so I hope they aren't damaged by this arctic snap.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Where can I buy one, and do they come in any other colors?

  3. MulchMaid, I treated one of the hoses well, but the other I left out (detached). We still have the gutter clean out to do I was thinking ahead by leaving it out. Hopefully I won't pay a price for that. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

    Les, I believe you can get them at any garden center, especially the big box stores. Pick up a can of spray paint while you're there and it becomes fully customizable!

  4. A very simple yet functional idea indeed. However, I do agree that the hose could have been looped around the shrub more neatly as I think that is the main purpose of looping it in the first place right? To keep it neat? Nonetheless, I would still give it a go as it is a cost effective and clever storage idea.


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